Monday, August 2, 2010

Model Builder Dragonfly (first flights part I)

The first flights of the Dragonfly seen here under construction.
Part TWO continues the report.


Unknown said...

GREAT job, Bucky!

Flies rather well!
I plan on making mine a electric version.

Will build this winter, have to many projects on the table now.

Thanks for the videos!

Greg aka Grease

Southerner said...

I have a DragonFly that was built as a club project back in the late 70's and early 80's. We nicknamed it Miss Twiggy or Twiggy. It would lazily move around the sky. The spring wire landing gear would just seem to reach down and grab the ground on landing. It was sure a fun plane to fly.

I still have the wing from mine but wanted to build another one. I got the plans from Northrop but never got a copy of the article. The picture of the article in this blog did not print out very well so will go looking for the article.

Thanks for bringing back old memories.

Marten said...

Looks like a BLAST to fly! I have an O.S. .10 looking for a home, and that issue of MB sitting at home. I can send you a copy of the article if you're interested. Are the plans still available?

Tom Ryan said...

Yes, still the most popular plan Northrup sells

Southerner said...

Hello Marten.
Yes I would be intereseted in a better scan of the article. I did buy the plan from Bill Northrop but did not get a copy of the article with it. If I did, it is long lost. They do still sell the plan.

Bill sells his catalogs. I bought both back in 2004 as Bill does not have a web site or an email listing. Each catalog is $4 if you buy them (at least they were). The plan is $15 plus postage. Bill no longer has a valid email address but the mailing address is:
Bill Northrop's Plan Service
2019 Doral Court
Henderson, NV 89074
phone: 702-896-2162 M-F 10am-4pm
and he does take credit cards. I do not see anything in his catalog telling how much postage and shipping is or how to figure it but does say postage is extra.

I do not see an option on here for personal message but would like to get the article.

Thank you.

Marten said...


Just saw your response to my comment, I also see no obvious way for a direct contact. I can be reached by email at If you send me an email with your postal address, I'll send you a photocopy of my article.

Marten said...

By the way, thanks for the contact info for Bill Northrop, I've ordered the plans and it'll be the next one on the workbench.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your videos!

I've recently finished and flown my second Dragonfly. The first was a flyaway when I launched her with the switch off (not one of my best moments).

Around 1987 I framed out the second version - and finally finished the covering late summer 2011. Number one enjoyed an O.S. .15 FP up front. Number two boasts an electric motor and folding prop. The only changes I felt I needed was more downthrust and 50% more rudder area. Still a great joy to fly and soar!