Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lanzo Swayback with HP 21 4-stroke

Hi Guys,
My latest effort, Lanzo Swayback from a Spirit of Yesteryear's Kit.
It is an R/C version with a Spektrum 5 radio powered by an original HP VT .21 not the RJL repro.
Plan to sport fly it in honor of Chester. He never did care for this model.

Weight - 48.4 ounces
Wing area - 476 sq.ins. - 3.06 sq. ft.
Wing Loading - 14.6 ounces per sq. ft.My first R/C model the Rebel weight 58 ounces and it flew with an OS Pet 09 glo engine.
Its wing area was about 3 sq ft..


Click here for videos of the first flights.

HP-VT review by Clarence Lee

NB:  This is an early VT-21

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