Saturday, August 2, 2008

Latest from Bucky Walter

Hi Guys,
Latest effort - Super Phoenix - modified with a two wheel landing gear instead of a one wheel landing gear. Makes it easier to start the engine.
I made a political statement by placing the American Flag on the rudder. One guy running for the President of the United States just had the American Flag removed from the fin of his private jet. Enough Said!
The model is covered with polyspan. I used a glue stick that kids use for sticking paper together for applying the polyspan on the bare balsa frame Used nitrate dope and trimmed with red and black Jap tissue.
I still have to add some decals and my name to the model. Also the biggie - run the engine in the model. I still have to weigh the model. Would you believe it balances right on the CG.
With the two wheel landing gear the model resembles a Kerswap. As we all know Gil Morris designed the Kerswap.

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