Friday, August 29, 2008

Jap Tissue over Polyspan technique

Cover with Polyspan, shrink and apply 2 coats of dope.
Sand with 600 wet/dry paper to eliminate fur.

Attach tissue like the Polyspan wasn't there.
Use Acetone through the tissue and activate the dope on the Polyspan. Be very careful not to spread it all over.
Water shrink the tissue and let it thoroughly dry.
Brush on a light coat of Acetone to attach the shrunk tissue to the doped Polyspan.
Use a Monocoat iron to eliminate any wrinkles.
Apply two coats of thin dope and re-check for wrinkles. Add a third coat of thin dope to finalize.
If you just want to add tissue letters, just tack them down with Acetone. If they're smooth, apply a light coat of Acetone and use the iron to eliminate wrinkles.

GOD Bless America

Gene Wallock

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