Friday, December 8, 2023

Vintage Engines of Yesteryear

"From 1973 to the end of publications, John Pond edited the “Plug Sparks" column in Model Builder magazine. Within this column, often there was a tab devoted to the "engine of the month.” They were all American engines with a few exceptions, some of them very famous but many virtually unknown to the majority of aeromodellers. The engine 3-views complete with drilling templates were the work of Allen Pond and in some cases were not a masterwork of precision, but they had that certain handcrafted charm unobtainable in today's precise, but aseptic, CAD drawings. In 1984 Pond decided to collect the various tabs in two binders that he sold through his "John Pond's Plan Service". Frankly, I don't know how many of these volumes have made it to Italy, but today I guess there are not too many around the world. For this reason, having the fortune of owning the complete original collection, I decided to merge it into a single volume and make it available to collectors and enthusiasts." Cesare de Robertis You can download it here:

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