Saturday, December 9, 2023


Hi guys,


I have finished a couple of models that are seldom seen but took my interest.


The first is a model from some English company in the late 1940’s called Skyleada and the model is a Bantam.  About 50” and 2 lbs with an MK-17 Russian bb rear intake diesel with an Enya .09 throttle.  It is covered in yellow Micafilm – the newer version which is also from the UK Solarfilm range of coverings. This was a co2 plan in an 80’s Aeromodeller magazine that I enlarged to about the size of the original.


The second is an American updated version of the Simplex by Paul Plecan  called a Super Simplex.  Polyhedral and narrower chord seems to be the main difference to the well- known Simplex.   About the same specs but this one  has a Gordon Burford Deezil with OS .10 throttle with orange Micafilm.


Both are unflown but will be soon – the weather has been breezy to down-right windy for weeks now here in Oz.




Allan Laycock




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