Saturday, July 21, 2018

Modified Leprechaun Glider

Seen without pylon or polyhedral wing

I’m not John.  The plan is available from several sources and if offered by two kit companies

The glider seen in this video is highly modified.   I suggest contacting the builder through YouTube.  



Unknown said...

Floats like a butterfly! Interesting mods from he original. I love the fuse mods. Appears to not have formers. Several other 'lightning' mods. Obviously a very stable wing in spite of modding the poly to dihedral. Not the most efficient wingplan with only a 6:1 aspect ratio. For mild slopes, absolutely perfect. It flies light and slow for a beautiful dance with it's pilot. A truly special craft.

Unknown said...


je recherche le plan en .dxf pour ma découpe laser


Unknown said...

Hello John. That's a wonderful plane. I'd like to build it. Could I get a plan in dwg or dxf format of this modified Leprechaun from you? Thank you for your help.
Aleš Chudoba, Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

je recherche le plan modifié en pdf


Basile said...

Bonjour à tous,
je suis également à la recherche de ce plan en pdf ou autre format, il est absolument charmant ce bel si quelqu'un a réussit à le découper au laser, je suis prêt à investir sur le kit..Merci d'avance.
Hello everybody,
it will be nice for me to found and build this plans or a laser kit of this beautefull butterfly, so if somebody have a connexion to have one of this, it could be great, thank you.


Unknown said...

Hi, the best soaring i have seen can you send the plans in pdf Please, we are a rc club, in Spain, and we like to built.

thank you and congratulations

Andreas Brauckmann said...

Hello John. I'd like to build it. Could I get a plan in pdf, dwg or dxf format of this modified Leprechaun from you? Thank you for your help.

Unknown said...

Hi my name's Les I'd like to build the moderfide leprechaun glider as well.! Looks lighter and better too. How can l get a plane please?

Varzoni said...

Hi John,
I´ve been searching your modified Leprechaun for download but nothing found yet.
By the way is it possible for you to release this plant for download?

Varzoni said...

Hello John why you do not respond to the thousands of requests from these desperate people to construct an equal to yours, beautiful, wonderful and spectacular Leprechaun. Make our happiness john please.

Best regards.
from Brazil.

down_under said...

I think,John is busy in his mencave building and will be back soon with another stunning surprise!! Keep on building John.

Varzoni said...

Yes down_under, I think so too. go on John.

Anonymous said...

I was around i7 years old when Dick Twomey had the LEPRACHAUN plan released in the
aeromodeller in 1950 when a TOMBOY was a big model and falling in love with it,but the
SIZE. Since watching John sloping its all on again I,ve got to have one.

Robbie Blackadder said...

Hello John. I do believe that this will my next build.. I am motor-free glider builder & would love to build 'The Leprechaun'.

Just a question, did you start with the standard Leprechaun and modify the wing to remove the dihedral and wing to fuse seat to fit closer.

I would love to also get a modified plan in any format.
Also, thank you for your help.

Robbie Blackadder, Canberra Australia

StephanG said...

Everything is said about the video. Really perfect.
I would be interested which wing profile was used for the Leprechaun

Jim Riggle said...

Leprechaun is magnificent, but so is the slope! Where's the slope? Cubnuts in Oregon

Unknown said...

I would be interested in getting the plan as well.

Thanks Eric Sparrow

chivis0102 said...

Hello John my name is Juan Carlos I would like to build the leprechaun glider Version Modified . Thanks in advance for the plans DWG o DXF. My e-mail address is

Tom Ryan said...

All of the modified Leprechauns have been featured on RC Groups.
Hangar One produces a kit modified for RC which retains the pylon, a distinguishing feature whose elimination in these modern renditions saddens me.
A less expensive kit is available from Belair in two sizes.

Unknown said...

There is a great kit available from Dane RC - It can be built with ailerons and they have a 4 meter XL kit as well, beautiful laser cutting and excellent kit and design….