Monday, February 10, 2014

Korda C Stick II

The Korda “C” airframe covered with the same material used to make The Emperor’s New Clothes, 1/4 mil clear mylar. I have never kept track of weights much as a model progresses but decided to do it once before the final thermal. I will weigh everything again after the Japanese tissue is applied over the mylar. This is a fiddly, somewhat frustrating thing to do, tissue over mylar, but the end result is worth it. You definitely have to think long term to suffer doing this. Here are the weights, before mylar and after the mylar is applied. Before mylar, fuselage, 14.0 gm/.49 oz; wing 13.8/.48 oz; stab, 4.4/.15; rudder, 1.7/.08 for a total of 33.9/1.18oz.. After mylar: fuselage 15.9/.56; wing 16.9/.59; stab, 5.6/.19; rudder, 2.1/.07 for a total of 40.5gm/1.41 oz. So the mylar did not add much weight, 6.6gm/.23oz. If I want to reach my goal the tissue plus front end cannot be more than a hair over an ounce.

Cheers, Karl Gies

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