Saturday, January 25, 2014

Under Construction: Stu Warner's entry for the upcoming 2014 Toledo Show (part 1)

 Again, something unusual  is coming out of Stu Warner's shop for the Toledo Show. Last week, he paid Bucky Walter a visit to show him his progress.

Hi Guys,

Stu brought parts of his model to show me which he is building for Toledo.
The wing is actually a gull wing at the very center out to the fourth rib.
The instruction sheet mentioned it was powered by a Baby Cyclone engine.
Stu told me the instructions sheet and the plans are a bear to follow.
The wing span is 64 inches.
Good thing we are having a very cold winter so Stu has a lot of building


 More information on the Westburg WS-3 Pursuit can be found here.

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JM said...

wonderful work
jean marc