Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bob Hartwig Memorial Contest Day 2

Another great day in New Haven, IN. There was a little more cloud cover and a lot more thermals. Many of the club members who are not OT flyers came out and assisted with duties such as timing and holding models prior to launch. A great time was had by all!

A pair of 1/2 Baby Playboys

Chuck Hutton

Dale Hannum with Cyke powered Anderson Pylon

Jack Hiner w/ Gordon Burford 5cc diesel- Airborn

Bob King aka King Bob

Bob King getting ready to fly his O&R Mercury

Anderson Pylon

Jay Burkart even the smaller Airborns provide sun protection

Foxacoy Lanzo Racer

McCoy .29 in Tom Boice's Bomber

Tom Boice

My RC-1 mimicking Tom McCoy's scheme

21mins in Texaco.  Not bad for a scaled down RC-1 w/ an Irvine .20D

CD hdqtrs: Karl Pfister and Glenn Poole

O.S. FS .60 on ignition


Barb Mulholland after her 74 min Texaco flight

McCoy .60 timer on an OS

C-Glow:  Larry Latowski, Andy Latowski & Tom Boice

Andy & Larry packing it in

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