Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cliff's Gliders at Shelby, OH

Hi You All,

It was a windy day at Shelby. Cliff and his Grandson Dan were able to make three flights. The last flight flew out of the field and landed well out in a corn field.

Eagle eye Dan spotted something yellow way out thar. After a long walk threw the muddy field, Dan retrieved the glider.

I made him walk back to the pit area. I would not let him ride in my Volvo with muddy shoes. I took the glider and Cliff back in the Volvo.

Those three flights were the first flights for that glider. Cliff was very happy. The other glider Cliff just hand glided in the stiff wind.

I spent the morning flying the Sonic Cruiser for the first time at the Willard, Ohio R/C field. My long time friend, Grover Ritter, helped me getting the model ready for each flight. Also made three flights. I was very happy with the flights.

Sorry no photos.

The End Of A Very Windy Day!


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