Tuesday, June 11, 2024


I have the longer bolts needed for the motor mount ( arrived today (6/11/2024) 
Down/side thrust wedge flared into the nose of the plane completed. 
Blind nuts epoxied onto the firewall done. 
White spinner cut out for the clearance of the carbon prop done. 
Plane has been given a coat of Coverite's  formula sealer. 
And have covered the pylon with "white" Ultracote which took 5 hours to do. (completed) 
Plus, added decal on the pylon as it needed something on that big thing? 
About an hour for the vinyl decals. 
See attached photo. 
Just need to have the balsa block delivered so that I can cut and shape the nose cowl. 
Then cover the rest of the fuselage. (hope the weather doesn't get too hot as the fuselage doesn't fit in my building room?) 
Little background for Allan. 
The U505 was captured during WW-II by the US Navy. 
The Germans tried to scuttle the sub but someone forgot to pull the plug in time to sink it before the US Navy boarded it and also the Germans forgot to set the explosives to blow the sub up. 
Now it is on display in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry (pretty cool display!) 


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