Saturday, May 11, 2024

Record Hound


Meaghan did a really good job! Wow price of magnets went up ??? Hmm…….
Gotta finish covering now, paint the cowl and cover the wing. We will SEE!

Thermals Glen

 I will bring Glen's Record Hound (Hog) as I have the cowl completed.
Final cost is $130.00

I had to do some modifications on the front.
I added some down thrust and side thrust.
Made a ballast box (spot glued it in a few places for additional nose weight)
Extended the box the motor mounts to.
Elongated the hole where the motor stick out of and made sure the prop clears the cowl.
Made a shelf for the battery pck to sit on verses the pack hanging on by velcro under the motor.

If Glen dosen't like it, he can remove the battery shelf as I only spot glued it in a few places.
But "IF" it is acceptable, Glen will have to finish glueing the shelf into place.

Attached are photos of the finished cowl.

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