Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Larry Jolly's Ichabods


 Here’s photos of the Ichabod. All model dimensions and outlines as per the drawing. The only change is the increase in center of wing and stab. The stab is symmetrical so I set it as directed on the drawing. Set the all moving tailplane to match. I then test glided and added nose weight for stable glide. It is an excellent design. Mine uses a flying Stab for elevator so Incidence is not a factor. The CG is aft of the 3rd Fuse upright. I built the rest to the plans. I do recommend a retract. Gear down creates noticeable drag and is effective as an aid to get down sink rate definitely increases the faster you push gear down. Let me know if you have any more questions. I flew my Ichabod B Speed 400 model against Jim Wiseman’s and Bob Galler’s Fubars this Weekend in Albuquerque. Mine definitely moved well against theirs and stayed up. Much better L/D coming home. I am building a 120” version for LMR.
  Larry Jolly

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