Monday, April 20, 2020

High temp here today in the 60's so I ran a MVVS 10 cc engine with the Davis diesel head. I do not think this engine was run before today. Tarno 1/2 A R/C carb and Aerodyne fuel. Uni-Flow fuel tank. First run the exhaust was brown. The rest of the runs were honey color. Much faster break in comparison to the old iron and steel diesels. Years ago, I asked Davis for a head for the MVVS 10 cc engine. He said loosen the head bolts and send him the engine which I did. It has sat in the box with the Davis head until today. I took the Tarno carb and Mike Salvador carb adapter from the MVVS I got from Bob Slater. The one from Bob Slater now has a MVVS .40-.45 R/C carb. Next time running diesels I will run Bob's engine with the .40-.45 carb. I have been told this will work as well as the Tarno for Texaco. Some folks have had problems with the Tarno carb.

Jack Hiner

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