Thursday, August 24, 2017

Old Timer Models for sale from a SAM Champion.

Hi Tommy,
I imagine you know that I'm not going to fly R/C assist and am putting all my R/C Assist models up for sale. Love FF the best and will keep doing it until they close the box,
Won a lot of Texaco events at the Champs with this 96" Bomber.
Asking $ 900.00 or good offer
Engine alone worth $250.00. Reworked for the Texaco event.
BTW, all models have radios on 6 Meters. Have a few Transmitters for them too. All silk & dope and in pristine condition
The Lanzo Bomber 75"  w/Orwick 64: asking  750.00
The  Lanzo 60"  w/McCoy 29 Ign reworked by Bill schmidt: asking 600.00
Several others too.
Larry. Davidson

This is a difficult market today, but if anyone is willing to make the drive to Virginia, they won't find any better models.   Don't forget his store.

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