Sunday, May 18, 2014

Benny Boxcar Brigade (Blog post #4)

I finally finished another "Boxcar Brigade Blog" and I hope this one finds everyone engaged in building their Benny Boxcars! Please send me any photos you have of your progress, even if it's only a part of a fuselage side. Email them to me and send me any words about problems (or SOLUTIONS) you've found and I'll share them in the next Benny Boxcar Brigade Blog.

I have distributed all of the Parts kits and new plans by Jim O'Reilly. The cost for the joint mailing to me and my distribution to you is $4.50. (YES this INCLUDES the new set of plans!!)

We all owe Bob Holman a debt of gratitude for his hard work in completing these kits at a VERY good price to our group!! Be sure and mention where our kits came from when people talk to you about your Benny Boxcar.

Bob is redoing the full-size plans to 340 sq inches for 1/2A Speed 400, I've ordered one of the kits and will report to you what I find as soon as I get it.

Good luck and Good building!

Ned Nevels

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