Monday, February 22, 2010

Vic Smeed Popsie part 3

Scaled up to double size, gives some perspective
as to how portly this model is:

Hi Guys,
Just had to take photo of This Fat Little Sucker!
The Kit manufacturer can call it The Aesop.
Tom Ryan and Gene Wallock can call it The Popsie.
Bucky Walter calls it
The Fat Little Sucker
The kit did not contain the necessary 3/16 square to complete the construction.
Also the trailing edge piece was a wee bit too short for the wing & the spar material for the wing and stab was a wee bit too short also.
The tail wheel supplied was larger than shown on the plans. The wheels are a lighter substitute from E-Flite.
I was able to correct all the shortages of wood in the kit. Rest of the kit is excellent but these crazy English like to assemble then cover a model!

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