Wednesday, December 16, 2009

from Dave Acton- Brooklyn Skyscrapers


Nice site! In my quest for unusual planes, I came across Carlo Minotti's website on The Building Board. I emailed him 3 days ago but as yet no reply. I would like to get plans for
an airplane pictured on his website called the M-32 Dindi 1949. Check it out, It's cool.

I've attached some photos of my latest creations. First is the Cloud Elf, a 1938 English design
made for a Cloud 3 ignition engine. The plans say it was designed in 1938 by the Cloud Model Aeroplane Co. and was redrawn by Tony Penhall in 1986. Mine is powered with a Boddo Mills Twin. The next is a
Bambino that was kitted by California Models in the 50s and is designed for the K&B Infant.

Building season is upon us so I need something new for the 2010 SAM Champs. I may try
Spirit of SAM stuff.

Merry Christmas

Dave Acton

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