Sunday, November 1, 2009

1961 DeBolt Sonic Cruiser

Hi Guys,
I built a Sonic Cruiser from a DeBolt Kit back in the early sixties. I flew the Sonic Cruiser with two escapements, one for rudder and a quick blip for motor control. It was powered with a Veco 35 with a flapper plate on the exhaust stack for motor control. I became pretty good at flying. I was able to make touch and goes. Most guys flew a model this size with reeds; two channels per reed servo. Flyers would ask me if I was flying with six channels and I would respond with "only one". By the way the escapements were powered with twisted rubber bands.
I found the plans and the original aluminum landing gear so I decided to build the Sonic Cruiser with full house controls using a Spektrum Radio and a Tower ABC 46 glow engine.
Things to do included fixing the dings from building, a complete sanding, and the biggy; how should I cover and decorated the Cruiser?
Never a dull moment in my workshop.
Enjoy The Photos,

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Unknown said...

Looking good. thats what i learned to fly on, and not very long ago. We picked up the kit at a garage sale, built it with a 4-ch setup, and put a Tower .40 in it. Its been a fun plane. Hope you enjoy yours too.