Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don Broggini's Stardust Special

Slovakian Stardust on right.

Rob Taylor's 1/2A long-wing version climbs into the Australian sky

An example built by Mal Fields

Bob Holman with 900 sq " Stardust-Special for C-glow


Doug Klassen said...

I thought that shot looked familiar. Rummaged through my archives and found I took it on Jan. 16, 2005 at a meet in Eloy, AZ.

Bob H. is one of my model airplane heroes. I wish I knew half as much about model planes as he knows.


Markus said...

Video was taken early on - about 3rd or 4th flight and the engine was a rather gutless DC Sabre. It was replaced by a PAW 1.5cc which hauls ass and last year (2008) I won Kiwi open power with it.

Unknown said...

Does anyone have any pics of the build,it would really help me out, I have the 70in

Unknown said...

Does anyone have pics of the build 70in