Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flying Stab Illustration

It goes through a 1/16" strut that goes from the top to the bottom of the fuselage at that point. Tube is CA'd to the 1/16" plywood strut. It pivots in the stab.

SAM Hall of Fame

The mechanics are built into the center section of the stab and not
very visible in the picture. When I frame the stab, aluminum sleeves are
installed for the pivot (5/32 ID or larger) and bellcrank (1/16 ID). The
sleeves extend out into the stabs for strength and set screw. The center
section has four ribs to support the bellcrank and keep the width 1" to
11/4"or the 1/16 wire will flex. Cut out the center section with a fine
saw. The aluminum tubes cut easy. Use brass tubing in the pivot.
I hope you can decipher my drawing and explanation. The Chief is a
great airplane. Walt.

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