Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bob Linn's B-70

Published in Aeromodeller and kitted by Competition Models in the 70s, the B-70 is now produced by Bob Holman Kits.


Unknown said...

I remember building this when I was 15 in 1970. Put the stock .049 with the pusher prop. I had put wheels on it I had leftover most likely from some previous wreck. We flew at mile square Park in orange county. Calif, if anyone is familiar with the location. Well got her fueled up, started the engine and adjusted that needle valve till she screamed. This was it's maiden flight.bI pointed it down the asphalt, hoped it wasn't going to revert back to kitchen form and let it go. It was going straight, picking up speed, still going straight, still straight, still going, going. Well I figured I built a car that just looked like an aircraft. Just then the nose lifted and she went airborne. Wide turns, but still climbing. Still climbing to what seemed to be several hundred feet. When still under power it just rolled over and headed straight for the earth. I could already see myself with the broom and dustpan to collect it's remains. Still screaming towards earth and if there were a pilot on board, it pulled out at the last possible second and made contact with the wheels, rolled down the runway and took off again. I climbed and circled and finally the engine was empty of fuel. It glided straight and landed just off the runway. I flew this plane many more times the next couple of years, but none as exciting as the first flight. I think free-flight was always my favorite. No will probably ever read this, but it was fun writing down one of my fond memories of flying model planes.

Anonymous said...

I read it

Tom Ryan said...

Me too!