Friday, April 12, 2013

CAL Aero-Model Playboy Senior (resurrected)

   This 36" Playboy Sr. came from Bucky. It had an ACE pulse system in it. It hung in his basement for  > 3 decades unflown. Was covered with tissue that had gotten very brittle. Covered the stab and wing with some Coverite Microlite right over the tissue. Cox T.D. .020 for power and is rudder only using a Spectrum 600 Receiver. 


Andy said...

Most people will start out making a few model planes and such and then seeing if they're good enough to finish in a decent place in a race. Once you've thought about all the options available to you, you may want to join a club or perhaps an online forum or discussion board where you can learn more about Aeromodelling.


Unknown said...

What is this plane worth still in box?